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The fund management subsidiary of Swedish banking giant Scandinaviska Enskilda Banken selects The Bornhoft Group (originally named Hart-Bornhoft, Inc.) as the trading manager of its first derivatives fund.


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Institutional Allocation to The Bornhoft Group (originally named Hart-Bornhoft, Inc.): Bank of America launches its first multiple-CTA fund, hiring The Bornhoft Group as the trading manager.

Institutional Allocation to The Bornhoft Group: The Bornhoft Group is retained by the Chicago Transit Authority as the trading manager for its multiple-CTA allocation.

Institutional Allocation to The Bornhoft Group: Burns Fry Ltd. in Toronto moves a $20 million (Canadian) portfolio to The Bornhoft Group.

Institutional Allocation to The Bornhoft Group: The San Diego County Employee’s Retirement Association embarks on an aggressive managed futures program, allocating $45 million to managed futures.The Bornhoft Group is one of two trading managers selected to manage the allocation.


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Institutional Allocation to The Bornhoft Group (originally named Hart-Bornhoft, Inc.): The Virginia Retirement System allocates $100 million to a managed futures pilot program. The Bornhoft Group is one of three trading managers selected for allocations. This is the largest dollar commitment ever by a state pension plan. At the request of this institutional investor, The Bornhoft Group produces its first bespoke multiple-CTA solution.


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The Bornhoft Group (originally named Hart-Bornhoft, Inc.) begins development of a proprietary risk monitoring and CTA managed account platform for actively managing multiple-CTA portfolios. This platform provides a foundation for the firm’s risk management, monitoring, and review process, which are regularly applied to portfolio components.


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The Bornhoft Group’s (originally named Hart-Bornhoft, Inc.) track record of actively managing multiple-CTA portfolios begins.


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Hart-Bornhoft, Inc. is established by Richard Bornhoft and Patrick Hart as an investment management firm specializing in multiple-CTA portfolios for institutions and high net worth investors. In addition to actively managing multiple-CTA portfolios, the company begins developing proprietary analytical software for asset allocation within the portfolios, as well as its database of CTA’s. The company is renamed The Bornhoft Group Corporation in 1997.


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Richard E. Bornhoft begins his career in 1979. From 1979 to 1983, his activities include serving as an investment advisor, researching and creating systematic CTA trading systems, and advising clients on managed futures. Mr. Bornhoft is also a branch manager for the guaranteed introducing broker of Geldermann, Inc., a Chicago-based futures brokerage firm and registered futures commission merchant.

Mr. Richard Bornhoft and Mr. Patrick Hart design their first actively managed multiple-CTA managed futures fund in 1983.

Richard E. Bornhoft, President & Chief Investment Officer

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TBG Execs RichRichard Bornhoft has over 30 years experience as an investment manager specializing in the development and management of multiple trading advisor managed futures (CTA) portfolios for institutional investors. As founder, President and Chief Investment Officer of The Bornhoft Group, he designed, developed and implemented its asset allocation, valuation and risk management systems, was ultimately responsible for their continued evolution to meet client expectations, and oversaw the allocation of client assets into various alternative investment products and strategies.

Widely known as a pioneer in managed futures investing, he has managed approximately twenty institutional accounts that allocated to multiple trading advisor managed futures (CTA) portfolios. He was responsible for one of the first index-linked managed futures products — the MAR Trading Advisor Index Fund, launched in 1999, and was later a founding principal of Morningstar Hedge. Mr. Bornhoft was also a founder and Chief Investment Officer of Equinox Fund Management, the sponsor of the first US publicly registered managed futures fund with daily liquidity, as well as the sponsor of the first mutual fund employing multiple CTA programs.

He has served on the advisory committees of several industry and regulatory organizations, and was a frequent guest speaker at international conferences and symposiums on the topic of alternative investment strategies.

Mr. Bornhoft was a contributing author of The Handbook of Managed Futures – Performance, Evaluation and Analysis (McGraw-Hill, 1997) and Searching for Alpha – The Quest for Exceptional Investment Performance (Wiley, 2000).